Spend more time at home this holiday season, enjoying your time with family members you’ve missed and taking a much-deserved break from the hectic year. Focus on making meaningful memories this year, instead of worrying about last-minute hosting duties or gifting mishaps. Start preparing early with the Amazon Pay Gift Guide, which has all the essentials you need to get your home ready for the holidays.

With the Holiday Guide, you’ll never forget anything — or anyone — on your list. Just shop the guide and check out with Amazon Pay for an efficient, hassle-free checkout experience. Sooner than you know it, your home will be filled with laughter, family, and all your festive goods.

Get ready for the holidays

HomeForTheHolidays_Editorial_Inline_1Red Pinecone Christmas Wreath | Primrose

Show your individuality this season with the unique Red Pinecone Christmas Wreath from Primrose. This rustic take on the Christmas classic will set your home apart with its red berries, pinecones, and tartan ribbons. Hang it above your mantle to instantly set a cosy scene and get you into a Christmas mood.

HomeForTheHolidays_Editorial_Inline_2_updatedWarm White Commercial Garland with Baubles | Festive Lights

Transform your home into a holiday haven with unbeatable decor like this outdoor connectable garland with baubles. These are not your average string lights — Festive Lights specializes in exciting new ways to make your holidays shine. Pull out all the stops with these charming details to wow your holiday guests.

HomeForTheHolidays_Editorial_Inline_3Capsule | Nebula

Make the most of family time with the Capsule Mini Projector from Nebula. While it may be lovely to have everyone around again, putting on event after event can feel exhausting. Take some of the pressure off with the Capsule Mini Projector, the only thing you need for a movie night at home. The advanced quality makes it feel like going to the cinema without any of the hassle, and the surround sound makes you feel like you’re part of it. Your home will be the place to be on every movie night.

Be the perfect party hostHomeForTheHolidays_Editorial_Inline_5_v2Qettle Original | Qettle

Make all your cooking quests easier with the innovative tap from Qettle. Throw out your bulky water filter and just replace your kitchen taps with the Qettle. Go from boiling to cold water with one flick of your wrist, using the sleek, intuitive design. After experiencing the taste of filtered water, and the convenience of on-demand boiling water, you’ll never go back.

HomeForTheHolidays_Editorial_Inline_6Advanced Sweeper SW02 | Gtech

Preparing for guests means deep cleaning your space before and after they visit. The Advanced Sweeper SW02 from Gtech takes the hassle out of hoovering. Sweep it across any type of floor to clean a variety of materials and surfaces. The flexible handle is both fun and effective, lightweight, and easy to use while you play your favourite tunes and get into the festive spirit.

Indulge yourself with balance

HomeForTheHolidays_Editorial_Inline_7ProCook Stovetop Waffle Maker | ProCook

Spend a little extra time making breakfast with the ProCook Stovetop Waffle Maker. Start your day off the way you deserve, and get the whole family involved for a fun and delicious morning routine. The lightweight, two-section stovetop makes it so easy to prepare your novelty breakfast, you might start eating them every day.

HomeForTheHolidays_Editorial_Inline_9Jordan Fitness Jungle Gym Home Bodyweight Suspension Trainer | FitKit UK

Balance out your indulgences by starting on your fitness goals. Don’t wait until the new year — you can get fit from home, fast. Try the Jordan Fitness Jungle Gym Home Bodyweight Suspension Trainer from FitKit UK, a convenient way to build strength from the comfort of your own home. You don’t need a fancy home gym, just this and the determination to stick to it. 

Home decor and music upgrade

HomeForTheHolidays_Editorial_Inline_10Celebrate Life II | Ivhu Art

Get all your guests talking with a statement art piece like Celebrate Life II by Ivhu Art. Bring joy and colour into your space with prints which inspire you to be happy. This unique collection of art celebrates life through images of Black and African fine art that is an evocative combination of inspiring and uplifting.

HomeForTheHolidays_Editorial_Inline_11Moda Flatweave Trellis Blue Rug | Rugs Direct

Get your house ready for guests by upgrading all the home goods that you wore out over the past year. Your rug, for example, definitely took a beating. As a central decor piece, a rug upgrade can change the look and feel of your whole space. The Moda Flatweave Trellis Blue Rug from Rugs Direct is a tasteful blend of trendy and classic, making it a staple in any style of room.

HomeForTheHolidays_Editorial_Inline_12Charlie - Grey Chunky Knit Design Dog Bed | All Pet Solutions

Everyone deserves to be spoiled this holiday season — even your furry friends. Let them luxuriate in this ultra-soft, snow-white dog bed to get into the winter wonderland mood. The chunky-knit design will look great in your home, so your dog can be front and centre at every dinner and in every picture, just like they deserve.

Make this season one to remember with even more picks from the Holiday Guide. Your home will be the place to be this holiday, bringing everyone warmth and happiness all through the festive season. With Amazon Pay, speed through checkout so you can spend more time browsing the Holiday Guide to fill your home with all the essentials for a perfect holiday.