Clothes aren’t just about how they look, but also about how they make you feel. Whether it’s through the security of a functional getup, the routine of putting on a uniform, or the freedom of self-expression, your outfit can change your headspace. And it’s not just children who could use the mood makeover that a high-quality superhero-infused outfit can inspire. That’s the revelation that drives everything Scamp & Dude designs for women and children alike – clothes should give us all a confidence boost. Scamp & Dude* was born out of a traumatic, life-changing experience for founder Jo Tutchener-Sharp. She had a brain haemorrhage and underwent brain surgery, spending a long stint in the hospital. The hardest part, according to Jo, was saying goodbye to her children before surgery, not knowing if she would see them again. This moment changed her life, and made her realise that she wanted to dedicate her life to making that moment of saying goodbye a little easier, for children and parents alike.

MerchantSpotlight_ScampDude_Editorial_Inline_5While in the hospital, she came up with Scamp & Dude, which makes clothes and products that give both kids and adults comfort in tough times. Every parent, Jo realised, understands the feeling of saying goodbye to their little ones, even if it’s just for school or a business trip. With their fun and heartfelt range of products, Scamp & Dude brings comfort, confidence and joy to the whole family.

Giving little ones superpowers

What makes Scamp & Dude unique is their commitment to how you feel about your clothes, not just how they look. Inspired by the employees’ own experiences as parents, Scamp & Dude clothes are built to give your little ones courage and strength when you can’t be there. And with their slogan, “a Superhero has my back”, Scamp & Dude activates your kids’ imaginations, reminding them that someone is always looking out for them.

Scamp & Dude clothes, which are as inventive as they are functional, also help your little ones find their own courage. Each one of their products has a Superpower Button. Whenever your kids need it, the Superpower Button reassures them that they can face whatever scares them — after all, they have superpowers.

MerchantSpotlight_ScampDude_Editorial_Inline_1For instance, the Supercharged kids cape is an innovative way of encouraging children to walk to school. The water-resistant material is made from recycled polyester, which is sustainable and effective at protecting against rain and air pollution. But more than being protective, the unique fabric actually breaks down harmful pollutants in the air, so your child helps create cleaner air while also shielding their skin from bad weather. On top of that, the combination of the reflective panels, leopard print and lightning bolt print makes it easy to spot, if you’re worried about your little one’s safety. And, true to its name, the bold animal print and Superpower Button in the design mean it’s filled with superpowers to give them extra confidence.

Giving back

Inspired by their founder’s experience in the hospital, Scamp & Dude is committed to giving back to children who have been affected by illness — either through their parents or their own experiences. Scamp & Dude partners with Young Lives vs Cancer to support the families of children who have been diagnosed with cancer. Every time someone purchases one of their Superhero Sleep Buddies or reusable water bottles, another is donated to a family’s “Comfort Bag”, which is filled with essentials for families who have to go in and out of treatment.

MerchantSpotlight_ScampDude_Editorial_Inline_2Scamp & Dude also donates Superhero Sleep Buddies to children who are sick or have lost a parent. The Superhero Sleep Buddy is designed to comfort kids with separation anxiety and to give them the assurance that they have someone watching over them in the night. The Superhero Sleep Buddy comes with its own Superpower Button and cape, which includes a pocket where kids can put a photo for some extra comfort.

Alongside their partnership with Young Lives vs Cancer, Scamp & Dude also donates to children nominated by customers and through charity partnerships.

For children and adults

From clothes that make your children feel confident enough to go out in the world to products that make home life less of a hassle, Scamp & Dude is the one-stop shop making sustainable and mindful products for the whole family. Their Swag Bags with Purpose are convenient bags which come in leopard print, animal print and lightning bolt print. These compact bags can be used on the go by children and adults.MerchantSpotlight_ScampDude_Editorial_Inline_4They also make stylish clothing for adults. The Guppy Print Midi Dress is a bold statement with its sea-inspired print and elegant ombre. It’s sustainably made with EcoVero viscose, a comfortable and flattering material made from wood and pulp. It also comes with a Superpower Button, so you can match with your child and remind yourself of your own inner strength.

Scamp & Dude’s products are designed to make life easier. With Amazon Pay, you can shop their innovative products with ease. Check out quickly and securely using the information already stored in your Amazon account so you can spend more time with your family.


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