Researchers from the Baymard Institute estimate that cart abandonment leads to about $260 Billion in lost revenue every year.1 For mobile shoppers it can be especially important to optimise your online purchase experience to reduce cart abandonment.

Amazon Pay commissioned a mobile research study from the Baymard Institute examining the ways customers interact with a mobile checkout experience. Through this research we've discovered opportunities to make small changes to your mobile checkout that can yield big results for your business throughout the year. 

For example, one opportunity at mobile checkout is to provide appropriate touch keyboard layouts for select fields — such as the email, credit card, and zip/postal code fields. This makes it easy for users quickly and easily type their information.

The research also highlights how your business can help users understand where they have been and where they are going in the mobile checkout flow by providing a progress indicator at each checkout step.

If you want to learn more about how you can keep customers from checking out during checkout, download our new Mobile optimisation research report from the Baymard Institute and learn 10 ways to retain mobile shoppers during the checkout process.

Baymard Institute, Mobile Checkout Optimization Report, 2019