The Original Muck Boot Company keeps feet warm and dry, one pair of boots at a time

Grounded in their dedication to rural, hard-working communities, The Original Muck Boot Company provides the most protective, comfortable, and reliable boots on the planet.

All of us strive to be considered dependable. As a friend, employer or peer, we work to ensure people know that we can be relied upon. But who can you depend on to keep you working outdoors, even in the harshest of conditions? The Original Muck Boot Company delivers with the ultimate promise of reliability – offering footwear that can withstand all seasons. For over two decades, these boots have been revered as the most protective, most comfortable, and most reliable footwear on the planet.

Purpose and values

Simply put, The Original Muck Boot Company is rooted in necessity. This story started with an approach to solve a universal problem. Keeping our feet warm and dry through the messy, muddy, dirty challenge that is muck. They’ve been on a mission* since 1999 to craft their products with pride, and to provide safety and comfort to those that brave the outdoors year-round. Muck Boots provide protection that is as unrelenting as the elements that you walk through. They offer defence against wet, windy, snowy, muddy and sticky situations. This footwear company has set out to embody a rural spirit – supporting grounded, hardworking, reliable and purposeful lifestyles.

Rain or shine

As we all know, conditions change drastically throughout the year. And sometimes, even within a season, we will see an onslaught of sudden heat, cold, or precipitation. To combat this, Muck Boots are designed and tested vigorously to withstand all seasons. They call this being “muck-proof” – remarkable protection, exceptional comfort, and a design that is meant to brave every element.


The range of offerings complements duties in farms and gardens, outdoor activities and are popular for dog walking. Within the gardening category, for example, traditional forms have been updated to accommodate a variety of styles and silhouettes. The Original Muck Boot Company is the only gardening footwear endorsed by the Royal Horticultural Society, the world’s leading gardening charity. The Muckster II collection remains a firm gardeners’ favourite as these boots are designed to shed debris, making them a staple in every household.

Often these activities call for specific boots, such as their Arctic Ice line for the ultimate winter traction, or the Outscape collection as spring arrives. And while Muck Boots come in different styles, such as tall boots, ankle boots or steel-toe boots, all of their styles are designed to work hard for every task and brave every condition, even within their kids’ range.

100% waterproof

Good footwear works with the foot in dynamic motion. The multiple layers Muck Boot uses in the construction of their boots are designed to complement each other, providing waterproofing, warmth, and protection, all while offering best in class comfort.

So, what exactly goes into the Muck Boot? The heart of our boots is a high grade, neoprene bootie, benefitting from seams which are cemented, stitched, and sealed with rubber tape for guaranteed waterproof protection. Not only is the bootie 100% waterproof, the material is also self-insulating, working with the body to keep you warm, comfortable and dry.


A range of durable rubber outsoles are offered to provide optimal traction in a range of environments. Finally, natural rubber overlays are strategically and ergonomically hand laid to offer lightweight, yet effective protection. Where necessary, multiple layers are used in high wear areas such as toes and heels.

Whatever, your chosen outdoor activity – farmer, adventurer, dog walker or for those rain-soaked winter commutes to the office - a pair of comfortable waterproof boots are a wardrobe essential that the Original Muck Boot Company has covered.

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