We’re excited to share that a new class of growing brands have joined the Amazon Pay family, offering Amazon customers a secure way to pay on their site. From greeting cards that grow to customer superhero capes, these products are as special as they are unique. We can’t wait to show them off!

Right now is also a perfect opportunity to show your support for small businesses, as they weather the unique challenges of the COVID-19 crisis.

Here are six ways you can use your Amazon account to support small businesses:

Personalized children’s books from Wonderbly

Looking for an extra-special way to get your child engaged with reading? Wonderbly’s line of customizable picture books can be printed with their name and a variety of storylines, suitable for children from infants through kindergarteners and up. If you need a new bedtime staple for your kid, Wonderbly’s books are a perfect option.

Dog food from Your Dog’s Club

Your dog deserves more than whatever chow you’ve stockpiled from grocery delivery. The experts at Your Dog’s Club offer a smorgasbord of dog meals. The site’s unique search function helps you find ideal snacks for your family’s most trusted companion. Pad out your order with some toys and accessories, whether cute, useful, or both.

Games and electronics from ShopTo

Maybe you have quarantine reading projects planned, or a workout regimen to stick to. But let’s face it: everyone needs some time to give into simpler pleasures, like trying to beat a video game you’ve been eying. For safe access to major Switch, PS4, Xbox titles and much more, electronics hub ShopTo is an ideal resource.

Crafting and hobby supplies from Craft Stash

Crafting is a soothing and rewarding way to pass time at home while staying unplugged from your phone. UK-based online store Craft Stash stocks over 10,000 products suited for card making, journaling, mixed media projects, and more. There are items for all ages and plenty of tutorials on their website to help you get started.

Home decor from Roseland Furniture

It’s hard to spend so much time in your house and not want to shake the layout up a bit. Luckily, Roseland Furniture are offering free delivery, and their incredible deals on stylish and high-quality pieces for your living room, den, or elsewhere are certain to catch your eye.

Rugs from Rugsdirect

A character in a beloved movie once noted that a fine rug can really “tie a room together.” If you have a room that you’re looking to save from dreariness, why not consider covering its floor in an attractive pattern. UK online rug hub Rugsdirect stocks lovingly made rugs in styles ranging from modern to traditional to goofy.