In theory, finding the perfect gift for your loved one should be a breeze – after all, is there anyone in the world that you know better? In practice however, hunting down the perfect Valentine’s Day gift is more often a minefield of indecision and confusion. Have no fear, because these Amazon Pay merchants are here to help, with items ranging from lip gloss to four-star hotel stays.

Night at Henrietta Hotel from Mr & Mrs Smith

Located in the heart of Covent Garden in London, Henrietta Hotel is a luxe getaway with a serious historic pedigree. Known for its glamourous design, as well as high-end cocktails and dining, a stay at Henrietta is the perfect urban oasis for a couple looking to unwind.  

Chantelle Dress from Reformation

Combining drape-like with form-fitting design elements, Reformation’s Chantelle dress is an unbeatable combination of sexy and comfortable. High-slitted and made from 100% silk, it exudes class and sensuality all at once, making for both a tasteful and pleasantly provocative gift for a loved one.

Wing-shaped pave diamond pendant from Wharton Gold Smith

There’s a reason buying diamonds for your significant other has become something of a cliché – like flowers and chocolate, it’s hard to go wrong. This 18-carat white gold, wing-shaped pendant, designed by Christopher Wharton, features 16 brilliant-cut diamonds, and delivers beauty and prestige without calories or allergens.

Lip Plumping Gloss from Iconic London

Iconic London’s Lip Plumbing Gloss is non-sticky and boasts a natural look along with natural materials—100% vegan ingredients designed to promote natural collagen production. Available in six different shades from bright to muted, it’s a choice of makeup for a loved one that is restrained enough to be safe, but without being boring.

With Love and Duas Greeting Card from Peace & Blessings

This one-of-a-kind Valentine’s Day card from Peace and Blessings’ Mono collection avoids corny sentiments and garish designs, favouring instead an abstract heart design based on Islamic design traditions. It expresses a general love and warmth fit for not only a partner or spouse but for anyone who is dear to your heart.

White Orchid & Pot from Beards & Daisies

For the home plant enthusiast— and who isn’t —this tropical Moth Orchid is a perfect gift with excotic white blooms. In their natural environment these plants are epiphytic meaning they will attach their roots to trees or rocks. Its combination of beauty and household function makes it a perfect, thoughtful selection for a Valentine’s Day surprise.


Rose and Violet Cremes from The Oldest Sweet Shop in England

Chocolate: filled with rose and violet cream, nestled in a golden box that’s sealed with a hand-tied ribbon – Willy Wonka couldn’t do it better. Both the presentation and the present of this classic English chocolate couldn’t be more suitable for your Valentine’s Day sweetheart.