In theory, finding the perfect gift for your loved one should be a breeze – after all, is there anyone in the world that you know better? In practice however, hunting down the perfect Valentine’s Day gift is more often a minefield of indecision and confusion. Have no fear, because these Amazon Pay merchants are here to help, with items ranging from lip gloss to four-star hotel stays.

Night at Henrietta Hotel from Mr & Mrs Smith

Located in the heart of Covent Garden in London, Henrietta Hotel is a luxe getaway with a serious historic pedigree. Known for its glamourous design, as well as high-end cocktails and dining, a stay at Henrietta is the perfect urban oasis for a couple looking to unwind.  

Chantelle Dress from Reformation

Combining drape-like with form-fitting design elements, Reformation’s Chantelle dress is an unbeatable combination of sexy and comfortable. High-slitted and made from 100% silk, it exudes class and sensuality all at once, making for both a tasteful and pleasantly provocative gift for a loved one.

Wing-shaped pave diamond pendant from Wharton Gold Smith

There’s a reason buying diamonds for your significant other has become something of a cliché – like flowers and chocolate, it’s hard to go wrong. This 18-carat white gold, wing-shaped pendant, designed by Christopher Wharton, features 16 brilliant-cut diamonds, and delivers beauty and prestige without calories or allergens.

Lip Plumping Gloss from Iconic London

Iconic London’s Lip Plumbing Gloss is non-sticky and boasts a natural look along with natural materials—100% vegan ingredients designed to promote natural collagen production. Available in six different shades from bright to muted, it’s a choice of makeup for a loved one that is restrained enough to be safe, but without being boring.

With Love and Duas Greeting Card from Peace & Blessings

This one-of-a-kind Valentine’s Day card from Peace and Blessings’ Mono collection avoids corny sentiments and garish designs, favouring instead an abstract heart design based on Islamic design traditions. It expresses a general love and warmth fit for not only a partner or spouse but for anyone who is dear to your heart.

Peace Lily & Pot from Beards & Daisies

For the home plant enthusiast— and who isn’t —this South American Peace Lily is a perfect gift. With attractive white flowers that can grow up to two or three feet, it’s suitable for any room in the home and also works as a natural air cleanser. Its combination of beauty and household function makes it a perfect, thoughtful selection for a Valentine’s Day surprise.

Rose and Violet Cremes from The Oldest Sweet Shop in England

Chocolate: filled with rose and violet cream, nestled in a golden box that’s sealed with a hand-tied ribbon – Willy Wonka couldn’t do it better. Both the presentation and the present of this classic English chocolate couldn’t be more suitable for your Valentine’s Day sweetheart.