Ever wondered what it is like to work at Amazon? Curious about the type of people who thrive in one of the world's most customer-centric companies?

In this month’s profile, we get an inside look at Sean Casey, one of Amazon Pay Europe’s Key Strategic Business Development Managers. Sean takes us through his journey at Amazon Pay, his love for airplanes, travelling and what makes the Amazonian culture peculiar in his eyes.

How would you describe yourself in 2-4 sentences?

I am an American living in London (over 5yrs now) and it feels like home. I travel as much as possible, sometimes more! Equally though, I love spending time in London – be it in the great parks with my dog (Nova) or at one of my favourite pubs.

When did you join Amazon, what’s your position, and how would you describe your role?

I joined Amazon in February 2015. I have held a few roles, from sales person to Head of Sales, and now I am looking after Strategic BD for the EU. Basically, I get to talk about Amazon Pay with big brands and other Amazon teams looking for ways to create unique customer experiences.

What does a typical day look like for you?

I’m not sure if it sounds cliché, but there do not seem to be typical days.  I work with my team to plan merchant strategy, meet directly with external brands and other Amazon teams, write docs about cool new ideas, interview new candidates for Amazon Pay, attend fintech events, you name it.

What do you enjoy about the Amazon culture? Or what’s one thing you’ve learned since your time at Amazon?

At Amazon, you get to work with really smart, driven people and it manifests in a really positive environment because we are all striving for the same thing – building a truly world class product for our customers. It helps that many of the people I work with are friends as well.

What is your favorite leadership principle (LP) and why?

Ownership. So many LPs are interlinked, but owners get things done and are the people you come to rely on most.

What is one of the reasons you enjoy working at Amazon Pay?

I’ve had the good fortune of working for and with some really awesome people over the last few years.  That makes it fun to come to work every day. It’s also been amazing to see how far we have come as a business in the last couple of years and to feel like I’ve had a hand in a small part of it.

How does Amazon support your career goals?

The reason I initially started at Amazon and Amazon Pay was because I wanted to work for a company that’s constantly innovating, and on a product that would constantly challenge me. I can easily say that I have no regrets.

What's the best thing about coming to work each day? Is there a "perk" to your job that might surprise people?

Well, it used to be sparkling water in our old building, but … jokes aside, the best thing is the people. Seeing so many of the team grow and do incredible things has been amazing.

What are some of your passions outside of work? What are you most excited about outside of work?

I love getting on airplanes, whether it’s to see some place new, or to visit family & friends back in the States (maybe even for work, too). I recently took one of the longest flights in the world from Perth, Australia back to London and it was pretty cool !


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