Buy now what you need, pay in 3 to 48 monthly instalments
The Barclays financing option means you can pay for any purchase between €100 and €3,000 in instalments.
You only pay upon receipt of your order
With Amazon Pay, you can pay for purchases using the financing option you set up on Amazon.de. Customers residing in Germany and Austria who have successfully applied for a Barclays financing option on Amazon.de can use this option multiple times for up to 10 financing transactions at the same time. You don’t need to reapply for financing with each individual transaction.
It means you can make purchases at your own convenience and pay for them over a period that suits you best.

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What is Barclays financing option?
Amazon offers financing for purchases with a value of €100 or more with the Barclays financing option. This financing option is a credit facility with an individual credit line, which you can use to finance purchases via your Amazon account, following a successful application.

The best thing about it: Once you’ve submitted your application, you can simply use the financing option for future purchases. Not only on Amazon.de, but in all other participating online shops, using Amazon Pay.
How can I take advantage of the Barclays financing option?
Simply click on Pay with Amazon to use the payment methods stored in your Amazon account when you buy from a participating online shop.
Select the financing with Barclays payment method and choose a term that works best for you.
As part of the financing application process, you will be redirected to a Barclays page for authentication purposes via an mTAN.
Complete your order. You can also find all the details regarding your financing option at any time in the Barclays app.
Merchants offering Barclays financing options
Frequently asked questions

How do I pay via Amazon Pay using the Barclays Credit Line?

In order to be able to use Barclays credit line with Amazon Pay on specific German retail websites, you will need to have successfully requested the credit line from Barclays in the course of the purchasing process on Amazon.de, and to have set up the credit line as a means of payment in your Amazon account. Once Barclays has approved your application, you can then use this means of payment, both on Amazon.de and for other Amazon Pay retailers in Germany within the credit line that you have established.

When are the instalments taken?

When customers take out the credit line, they can choose whether the instalments are taken at the start or in the middle of the month.

How are the instalments taken?

All payments and instalments to reimburse the credit will be taken by direct debit from the account provided in the application.

Are there limits on the orders placed?

Depending on your remaining credit, you can use your credit line for orders of between €100 and €3,000. If the total amount of your order is below €100 or over €3,000, when paying with Amazon Pay you will select a different means of payment. Restrictions may apply. If the value of the order is outside the amounts referred to above, the Barclays credit line means of payment will not be displayed.

What is the impact for me and on my credit line of an increase in the ECB key interest rate?

For purchases made on Amazon.de and in participating online stores via Amazon Pay with financing, the conditions that were displayed at the time of checkout continue to apply. Current Annual Percentage Rate: 11.93% variable, effective Annual Percentage Rate 12.60%. For example, the credit line’s interest rate is debited where financing is terminated and may differ from the interest rate applied to the financing of individual purchases. You can get more information about this in application form and in the General Terms and Conditions of the website for the Barclays Credit Lines.

Do you have any more questions?

For any questions about your application to conclude Barclays credit line or the credit line approved by Barclays, please visit the Barclays website.

Barclays Credit Line Conditions

You can finance your purchases from €100 to €3,000. Gift vouchers, digital products, pre-order products and products not in stock in the warehouse are excluded., The financing you have chosen is set up through a credit arrangement provided by Barclays when you take out a finance arrangement with them. The following conditions apply: Annual interest 11.93% (variable rate), effective annual percentage rate 12.60%. The individual conditions for credit may differ from those below and will be shown at the time of purchase.

Illustrative example for the Barclays Credit Line

Net loan amount: EUR 1,500, debit rate (variable) 11.93% p.a., effective annual rate: 12.60%, 12-month duration, number of instalments: 12, instalment amount: EUR 133.64, total amount payable: EUR 1,603.62. Amazon EU S.à r.l. Branch Germany (Marcel-Breuer-Str. 12, 80807 München, Deutschland) acts solely as a credit intermediary for the lender Barclays Bank Ireland PLC Hamburg Branch (Gasstrasse 4c, 22761 Hamburg, Deutschland).