Success story: Start-Rite Shoes

Learn how the centuries-old U.K. shoe retailer found new success with Amazon Pay’s 21st-century solutions.

Start-Rite has been crafting footwear since 1792, and while the retail landscape has dramatically changed in the intervening years, their commitment to offering customers the best choices in children’s shoes hasn’t. Rooted in the belief that good foot health supports children’s happiness and well-being, Start-Rite’s shoes are biomechanically engineered to provide the perfect protection for pre-walkers, preschoolers, and kids four years old and up.

Here’s how Amazon Pay, in Start-Rite’s own words, proved the perfect fit for Start-Rite’s business, as well as for their customers:

Offering Customers a Choice

“We chose Amazon Pay in order to give our consumers more choice in how to pay and to help make checkout a little easier for them. Most people have an Amazon account, and so adding Amazon Pay seemed to just make sense.”

Getting Started with Amazon Pay

“Integrating Amazon Pay via BigCommerce was very easy and quick to complete, and the level of customer service from Amazon Pay was smooth and friendly. They were always there for us.”

The Result …

Twenty-three percent of our customers are using Amazon Pay to check out. Since the customers’ address and payment information is prefilled once they’ve logged into their Amazon account, this has improved checkout speed for Amazon Pay customers compared with guest checkout via card.

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