Amazon Pay offers BigCommerce merchants a personalized checkout experience tailored to individual customers.

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How Amazon Pay helps BigCommerce merchants grow and scale
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Streamline your checkout
Create a smooth shopping experience using the same advanced technology as
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Give shoppers more ways to pay
Give your customers more spending power with built-in personalized pay-over-time installment plans. Offer flexible payment options with Cofidis in Spain and France, Monthly Installments and Barclay in Germany and SEPA Direct Debt.
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Keep your business safe
Take advantage of Amazon’s years of ecommerce and checkout security innovation to protect your business from refund and chargeback fraud.
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Increase customer confidence to complete the purchase in your online store with the Amazon Pay A-to-z Guarantee, which protects both the timely delivery and condition of their items.
How to set up Amazon Pay in BigCommerce
Easy activation from the BigCommerce Control Panel. Get setup and live within minutes.
  1. Sign up with Amazon Pay
  2. Go to settings> Payments, expand Digital Wallets and click the “Set up” button next to Amazon Pay
  3. Click connect with Amazon Pay
  4. Create Amazon Pay account
  5. Click transfer credentials
Amazon Pay for BigCommerce explained

Are Alternative Payment Methods (APMs) automatically included when I enable Amazon Pay?

No. APMs are opt-in only through seller central. They requires a separate Terms of Service and rate agreement to be enabled.

Am I eligible for alternative payment methods? How do I add it to my BigCommerce store?

All BigCommerce merchants are eligible. If you have customized your checkout using the Checkout SDK, please make sure you are on the latest version

Do any Alternative Payment Methods (APMs) include additional fees?

Eligible merchants automatically receive auto-enabled APMs at no additional cost or technical lift.