We recently heard from merchants that there is an opportunity to improve Amazon Pay’s financial reporting experience, such as providing more details around Amazon Pay fees and better ways to understand performance. To address this, we are developing tools and new usability to enhance the merchant experience. As an extension of the new Disbursement View, we’re excited to introduce our new Payments Dashboard. This new feature can help you:

  • Gain a better understanding of the Amazon Pay fees and account reserve details per settlement period
  • More quickly understand cash flow with easy-to-use visualisations
  • Assess your Amazon Pay business at a glance and reduce the time it takes for you to manually calculate your settlement totals

With these new usability improvements, you can spend less time analysing your Amazon Pay business and more time optimising your holiday strategy. 

How can I view the new Payments Dashboard?

1. Log into your Seller Central account and under Reports, click Payments.

2. Under the defaulted Statement View, click settlement period to automatically generate corresponding statement.

3. From there, click “Learn More” for reporting term definitions or “Take Tour” for a step-by-step walkthrough of the new view.

4. You can also print out statement or view transactions for this period to see additional details.

To learn more about our reporting functionality, visit our help guide.