These days, there are many ways to personalise your devices – there’s no shortage of protective sleeves if you want to give your drab laptop a pop of colour. But there’s a problem with a lot of the cases out there: They’re bulky, and they often hide the beautiful industrial design that went into the device in the first place. In 2014, the family behind EasySkinz saw this problem as an opportunity. They started the company with one goal: To use their 20-plus years of experience in the professional design world to create attractive device skins that merge state-of-the-art technology with irresistible design, taking device protection to a whole new level. 


From tailoring your design to your doorstep

Since its founding, EasySkinz has garnered a global reputation for producing high-quality device wraps, with eye-catching precision-cut designs that are tailor-made to fit smartphones, tablets, laptops and even game consoles – delighting over 500,000 customers across the globe. Now, the company makes shipments every month to over 140 countries.

EasySkinz iPhone 11 Pro Signature Marbleised Reef Skin

One of the ways that EasySkinz maintains such high quality is by overseeing the entire production process in the UK. They use a bespoke manufacturing process along with premium materials to ensure that each skin they make is just as revolutionary a product as the last. An EasySkinz wrap may only be 0.28 mm thin and 4.43 g, but it has been built to last without compromising durability – or style.


2019 Queen’s Award for Enterprise

In 2019, EasySkinz’s drive towards innovation resulted in a high honour: The company was awarded the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in International Trade, in recognition of their accelerated international growth. At the time, EasySkinz was one of the first electronic device accessory makers to win a Queen’s Award for Enterprise – and they were the only manufacturer of mobile phone skins. 

EasySkinz wins the Queen's Award For Enterprise

The managing directors of EasySkinz understood that their global reach was predicated on their dedication to quality: “At EasySkinz, we take care of the whole production process”, the managing directors said, “from tailoring the design and manufacturing our skins in our own factory in the United Kingdom to packaging and sending them to our customers all around the world. This award recognises our ability to turn our precisely designed skins into a global success and at the same time to offer a first-class experience for everyone.”


One-of-a-kind products wraps

The key to EasySkinz’s success is that they aren’t only made to tailor-fit to your phone – they’re also designed to suit your personality. If you’re looking for a new wrap for your iPhone 12 Pro Max, for example, you have a plethora of options: You could turn your phone into a semi-precious gem with the Agate Geode skin, give it some old-school wood panelling with the Luxuria Mahogany High Gloss Wood Effect skin, or make it look like you painted it yourself with the Yellow-Black Dripping Paint skin. 

EasySkinz MacBook Pro 13" (2020) Signature Navy-Yellow Waves Skin

This same level of personal preference extends to their wraps for laptops, tablets and game consoles. If you want your MacBook Pro to catch the light, try this sparkly Diamond Pink skin. If you’re in the mood for a more soothing colour, you might want to opt for the calming blue Chameleon Caribbean skin that comes in a matte finish. But EasySkinz aren’t just for your Apple products – they fit like a glove over your game consoles, too. And when your Nintendo Switch looks like a Spring Sunrise Painting, you won’t ever want to stop playing.  

EasySkinz Nintendo Switch Signature Abstract Geometry Skin

Make a splash with new skins for your devices that will keep your tech looking great all summer. And while you’re upgrading the look of your smartphone, laptop, and game console with EasySkinz, remember that you can conveniently check out in just a few clicks by using Amazon Pay.