This week, we’re kicking off a brand-new series called Shop Better, where we’ll explore the many ways you can use Amazon Pay to improve your shopping experience – as well as the great products it puts at your fingertips. We’ll highlight the very best of everything from fitness essentials to automotive gear, so watch this space for news you can use to Shop Smarter, Shop Safer, and Shop Seamlessly.

And what better way to usher in 2022 than by resolving to Shop Healthier?

You can start with the actual purchasing process itself. When you use Amazon Pay to check out safely and securely on third-party sites, you get the peace of mind of Amazon’s A-to-z Guarantee and fraud protection. You also get the Zen-like convenience of zero hassle: Amazon Pay uses the same payment method that’s already stored in your existing Amazon account, so you never have to waste time filling out shipping, billing, or account information.

You can also track and manage all of your purchases in one place, with the confidence that your data is protected with state-of-the-art encryption. And it gets even better if you’re shopping on an Alexa-enabled device: All you have to do is say it to pay it.

Are you ready to treat your mind and body to some retail tranquility in 2022? We made it easy to get to work on those resolutions and jumpstart your personal growth. From skincare and self-care to mental and physical wellness, here are a few great ways to use Amazon Pay to Shop Healthier this year, for a brand-new you, both inside and out.

Health and beauty

ShopHealthierIn2022_UK_Editorial_Inline_1Up your skincare regimen: Mesoestetic Stem Cell Kit, Face the Future

With three powerful complexion-regenerating treatments, the deeply hydrating Mesoestetic Stem Cell Kit helps re-plump your skin and restore its natural glow. The Stem Cell Active Growth Factor cream works with plant stem cell technology to produce anti-ageing benefits and prevent wrinkles, while the stem cell extracts in the Nanofiller Lip Contour combine with hyaluronic acid for a moisturising filling effect. Together with the hydrating HA Densimatrix serum, your skin will look just as fresh and rejuvenated as it feels.

ShopHealthierIn2022_UK_Editorial_Inline_2Brew organically: Better Barista Brews, New Kings Coffee

Start your morning off like a barista with freshly ground 100% single-origin Arabica beans. For a delicious cup of coffee with no fuss, simply add boiling water to your mug and the recyclable, eco-friendly pouches will do the rest. Available in dark, medium, light and decaf roasts, New Kings Coffee is sustainably farmed, organic-certified, and fair trade, so you always know you’re drinking the best.


ShopHealthierIn2022_UK_Editorial_Inline_3Supplement your health: Forest Fungi immunity & vitality super-mushroom blend, Mccāla

Known for their exceptional all-natural botanical formulations, Mccāla has sought out the finest ingredients in the forest to produce a super-mushroom blend specifically aimed at boosting immunity and vitality. Each vegetable-based capsule contains high-quality extracts from the world’s most revered mushroom varieties, including immunity superstars like the maitake, red reishi and chaga, and the antioxidant-packed cordyceps.

ShopHealthierIn2022_UK_Editorial_Inline_4Add a superfood: Organic Raw 100% Austrian Pumpkin Seed Protein Powder, Clearspring

Perfect for smoothies, Clearspring’s organic protein powder is made using 100% raw, whole pumpkin seeds from an artisan family producer. They’re cold-pressed, dried and finely ground in a traditional mill to produce an exceptionally nutritious powder that’s high in protein and fibre and low in saturated fat.


ShopHealthierIn2022_UK_Editorial_Inline_5Equip your workout: Loop Resistance Bands, Swimcore

This set of natural-latex loop resistance bands from Swimcore comes with five separate bands that each require a greater level of muscle force, so you can train to the individual level you need to build strength, improve joint mobility and increase flexibility. Get a complete upper and lower body workout almost anywhere, without all the expensive gym equipment.

ShopHealthierIn2022_UK_Editorial_Inline_6Infuse your hydration: Personalised Infuser Bottle, Reef Bottles

Your daily water intake affects everything from your energy levels to your skin. Keep your body functioning at its best with this infuser bottle, which allows you to boost the flavour of your fluids naturally with fruit and vegetables. The more appealing it tastes, the more water you’ll drink. And that goes the same for the look of your bottle. Personalise your limited-edition Reef Bottle with your own name in a glossy, artistic font in your favourite colour.

Don’t forget, when you check out with Amazon Pay, it’s always fast, easy and secure, so you can spend more time focusing on your health, and less time filling out forms.