Success stories from our customers:

Thanks to Amazon Pay, the popular online store in the consumer electronics segment benefits from a fast and familiar payment method for its customers, fewer abandoned purchases, and reduced chargebacks and refunds.

Founded in 2002, is now one of the most successful e-commerce companies in Germany. A passion for technology unites the online retailer and its customers, so its priority is clear: to offer every customer the right technology at the best price.

The latest products and most exciting deals from the very beginning

Ever since Arnd von Wedemeyer and Sascha Crocoll founded almost 20 years ago, the provider has worked to make Laptops available to its customers as cheaply as possible via its online store. In the meantime, however, you can find not only laptops at bargain prices here, but also smartphones, monitors, PCs, gaming accessories and software. In keeping with its mission to provide its customers with the most attractive products and the best buying experience at all times, offers a huge selection of high-quality products from many different manufacturers in its online store. To ensure that customers can quickly find the right product for their individual needs in this extensive range, detailed product information, numerous customer reviews and tests are available. This means that customers are always well informed when shopping. There is also the online customer advisor, who help customers find products tailored to their wishes in just a few steps. If customers have any further questions, the competent customer service team will be happy to provide advice. The result: over 6 million satisfied customers.

Fast and convenient payment with Amazon Pay

Excellent customer service was also the reason why decided to introduce Amazon Pay as a payment method in March 2019. The retailer thus wanted to offer an attractive payment method for its customers. Another decisive factor was the fact that Amazon Pay is a payment method that can be processed quickly and already brings along its customer base. This is because Amazon customers can simply log in to the payment service with their Amazon account details and do not have to create a new customer account or re-enter their payment details. This is convenient for customers and the retailer saves on marketing measures for new registrations - a real win-win situation. In the online store, German customers can use the Amazon Pay payment method via their desktop or mobile devices; a mobile app is currently in development. 1 of every 3 customers use Amazon Pay at checkout.

New challenges bring new successes

“We live cohesively and love to win together - to this end, we challenge each other every day without forgetting how to have fun,” says Oliver Hellmold, CEO of, explaining the company’s success. is one of the top 10 German online stores in terms of sales and is the largest retailer in Germany to offer Amazon Pay as a payment method on its website. The integration of the payment service, supported by the Amazon Pay team, went smoothly and quickly. After the launch, observed a positive impact of the new payment method on its business: with Amazon Pay, new customers pay faster compared to the hosted checkout, so that they only need 30 seconds on average for the payment process.

Increasing business success in online retail automatically means an increase in refunds and chargebacks. By providing Amazon Pay as a payment method, can establish a healthy ratio of chargebacks and refunds.
In addition, was able to address a new group of buyers by introducing Amazon Pay. Amazon Pay offers customers the Amazon experience, enabling the online tech retailer to attract Amazon customers to its product offerings as well.

A partnership with many benefits

The partnership between and Amazon Pay is based on collaboration and communication. For example, was able to increase its payment share in the long term and reduce technical errors thanks to constant suggestions for optimizations to the payment process that it received from the Amazon Pay team.
The implementation of Amazon Pay in its online store has brought many benefits. Not only has the new payment option provided a positive customer experience, but it has also paid off for the merchant: in a reduced purchase abandonment rate, reduced friction in checkout, and fewer chargebacks and refunds.

Disclaimer: The figures are not representative of the results all new merchants will see when joining Amazon Pay.