Case study: Simplifying the checkout experience with myRobotcenter

For myRobotcenter, Amazon Pay proved to be an effective, consumer-driven method to increase purchases and improve the overall eCommerce experience.

myRobotcenter implemented Amazon Pay to find a simple but effective way to add innovation to their checkout experience. Since adding Amazon Pay and upgrading to CV2, they have increased purchases, built consumer confidence, and created an efficient, easy-to-use customer experience.

The merchant

myRobotcenter is the one-stop shop for home robot use. From lawn and pool robots to cleaning and entertainment robots, they outfit shoppers with advanced technology to simplify their lives. Therefore, they needed an advanced ecommerce solution that would similarly offer a simplified checkout process. They ultimately chose Amazon Pay. myRobotcenter, a Magento 2 merchant, has integrated Amazon Pay since September 2018. Since launching, cart share for Amazon Pay has risen from 15% to 20%.

The opportunity

A seamless ecommerce experience is a necessity for any business, and for tech-savvy shoppers, the offer of a simple, trusted checkout solution is particularly important. myRobotcenter was looking for a way to increase order volume and improve the checkout experience. They wanted a way to shorten the user journey while keeping it simple and easy to use. Focused on finding a customer-driven solution, myRobotcenter decided to implement Amazon Pay.

“The customer knows Amazon,” says Daniela Müller, Head of Online Marketing at myRobotcenter. “Amazon Pay differs from other payment methods because of the large customer acceptance and the simple usability.”

The solution

myRobotcenter implemented Amazon Pay in September 2018 and has since seen cart share for Amazon Pay rise from 15% to 20%. Integrating Amazon Pay into their checkout process has also increased order numbers and helped build consumer confidence. The familiarity of the interface encourages more customers to go to checkout by reducing the number of steps and making checkout frictionless — eliminating the need to enter an address, or even add an item to the cart before purchasing.

Since upgrading to CV2, Amazon Pay’s latest checkout technology, myRobotcenter has seen even more growth. With fewer steps and more options like multi-currency, the interface is just as seamless to integrate as it is to use, meaning less work for myRobotcenter down the line.

“Orders are now completed 50% faster,” Müller says. “We previously had six steps in the Amazon Pay checkout; now we have three.”

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