Enabling touchless experiences as business shifts into the digital world

Our new Paytalks webinar will show you the best strategies to delight your digital shoppers and move your business into the future.

Ecommerce is moving into a touchless future. According to new research from McKinsey, consumers across the globe have dramatically shifted their shopping habits to digital-first channels, increasing the online global customer base for food and household goods by an average of over 30%.[1]

These new digital-first shoppers don’t just want touchless and contactless experiences to keep them safe during the pandemic. In fact, as McKinsey also reported, 65% or more of consumers who changed their shopping behaviours as a result of COVID-19 plan to keep doing so after the pandemic has subsided. [2] So, how can your business enable digital experiences that will meet the needs of your customers not just during the pandemic but beyond it?

Our February Paytalks, which just became available online, will show you how offering exciting touchless experiences — including integrating voice commerce into your strategy and adopting contactless delivery options — can attract new digital shoppers and retain them into the future.

In this webinar you’ll find tips on:

  • Optimising your mobile checkout to delight shoppers and boost conversions
  • Attracting COVID-era customers with contactless payments and delivery
  • Preparing your business for the future of retail with touchless experiences

Head over to the Paytalks webinar library to watch. While you’re there, check out other instalments in the series to see more tips, ideas, and strategies for your online business.

[2] McKinsey, Consumer sentiment and behavior continue to reflect the uncertainty of the COVID-19, 2021.