Success Story: TiendaAzul

Learn how the Spanish home-electronics business found its way into even more homes with Amazon Pay’s customer-first service.

Buying large appliances online may seem second nature to many of us today, but back when TiendaAzul launched more than 20 years ago, it was basically unheard of. Even though ecommerce was a relatively new invention at the time, the founders of TiendaAzul saw an opportunity to grow and thrive — and they’ve never looked back, thanks in large part to their deep commitment to innovation. Now, they sell more than 27,000 products, with 8.8K in stock, including dishwashers, dryers, refrigerators, televisions, and washing machines.

From the beginning, the TiendaAzul team has been fascinated with improving ecommerce systems. By combining technical sophistication with transparent customer service and an accessible user experience, TiendaAzul has managed to offer high-quality goods at competitive prices, all while cultivating close relationships with their customers.
At the core of these relationships are quality, convenience, and connection. TiendaAzul wants to be the point of reference for anyone seeking electronic products and household appliances. They’re regularly updating their informational resources and constantly keeping the store up to date.

TiendaAzul offers premium services like delivery across Spain (including the Iberian Peninsula and the Balearic Islands) and in-home installation. Their commitment to their customers is unmatched — and they even provide customer service through WhatsApp.
Given their customer-obsessed business model, it’s no surprise that they were the first merchant in Spain to implement Amazon Pay. Read on to discover how Amazon Pay proved the perfect fit to facilitate TiendaAzul’s desire for service and innovation.

Greater purchase security with Amazon Pay
“As an online retailer, we have to constantly improve the shopping experience and adapt to new consumption habits. Customers want faster delivery times, process automation, and more digitization. We decided to integrate Amazon Pay to create greater purchase security for our customers and further increase our sales.”

A simple integration process
“Integrating Amazon Pay is really easy and intuitive. Amazon Pay technicians are very friendly and professional.”

The Result
“5-10% of our customers are using Amazon Pay to check out, and our sales have increased by 5% since integrating Amazon Pay. Customers take less time to make a purchase since they save having to enter personal data, plus they have the security and confidence that comes with working with Amazon Pay. This has attracted new customers and increased customer retention.”