Updated Transaction View in Seller Central reports for Amazon Pay merchants

Learn about the latest updates to the transaction view that will help you better understand your business.

Amazon Pay’s Seller Central reports section allows merchants to better understand their business, with capabilities for quick and actionable insights as well as deep dives into transaction data. You’ll now find new information in your Seller Central report that can help you gain an even better understanding of your business’ performance.

Keep in mind that these changes are automatically applied and will not have any impact on your reports. Here’s a run-down of all the updates you can expect to see.

We’re adding the following new columns to the transactions view in the Seller Central reports section:

PresentmentCurrency – The currency your customer used to complete payment if it’s different from your ledger currency (multi-currency transaction).

PresentmentAmount – The amount in presentment currency that the buyer paid for multi-currency transactions.

ForeignExchangeRate – It shows the conversion rate that got applied to convert multi-currency transactions into your ledger currency. It already includes the conversion fees.

TotalFee - Sum of all fees charged, i.e. transaction fixed fees + transaction percentage fees

PaymentType - The payment instrument used for the transaction, e.g. Card, Invoice

OrderType - The order type can be one-time or recurring (merchant agreements)

Channel - Device category used during checkout, e.g. Desktop, Mobile, Alexa

In addition to this new information, several existing columns will also change placement, format, or information. These changes include:

Timestamp information will be added to the TransactionPostedDate column. Your browser settings will determine the time zone used for the timestamps.

• The column “Total” will be renamed to “TotalPayout” for improved clarity.

• The columns StoreName, AmazonOrderReferenceID, AmazonTransactionID, and SettlementID are being moved towards the end of the table in the transactions view.

Please note that these changes will NOT apply to the downloadable reports yet – we are exploring to add them at a later point and will notify you in advance. Column set and order will remain unchanged to avoid any negative impact on automated processes on your end.

We’re always working on ways to improve the user experience for our merchants. If you have any questions on making the most of Seller Central, please contact us.