Happy Buys: Travel the world without leaving home

Miss travelling? There are many ways to experience a new destination from the comfort of your sofa.

If you love to travel, this is the feature for you. In this edition of Happy Buys, the Amazon Pay editorial series formerly known as Possible with Pay, we’re bringing you fantastic products from incredible merchants around the world. We are showcasing items to help our fellow jet-setters scratch that holiday itch from home. In this curated list, you’ll find eclectic yet accessible finds in multiple categories.

Amazon Pay wants you to experience the best in international food and drink, fashion and household items. Let’s embark on this journey, while your purchases are made securely and seamlessly with Amazon Pay at checkout.

Handmade Purnama Bracelet, Blue Waves | Kompsós

If you’re looking to accessorise your Mediterranean look, this Kompsós Handmade Purnama Bracelet is for you. Kompsós curates eye-catching and authentic artisan-designed bracelets from around the world, providing an array of looks that perfectly complement your favourite travel outfits and give you that island vibe you’re longing for.

Liberty Air 2 Pro | Soundcore

One of the best aspects of travelling is discovering the music of different cultures. These Liberty Air 2 Pro earbuds from Soundcore are noise-cancelling to help you completely immerse yourself in your favourite international tunes. With seven hours of playback from a single charge and three recharges from the charging case, you’ll be sure to listen and enjoy throughout your day.

Organic Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder, Premium Grade | Clearspring

Transport your mind and spirit to Japan with the Organic Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder from Clearspring. This matcha is harvested by hand from the hills of Kyoto, which is known for producing the best Japanese teas. This premium-grade variety is ideal for drinking and baking and acts as an incredible ingredient in drink recipes.

Ladies Ghostbusters ‘I Ain’t Afraid of No Ghost’ T-Shirt | Retro Styler

Take a trip to New York City and back in time with this iconic Ladies Ghostbusters tee. This fitted vintage wear is an officially licensed Ghostbusters merchandise item that is as stylish as it is nostalgic. As Peter Venkman once said, this shirt is “a big yes”.

Vietnamese Coffee Traditional Roast Blend | Vi Asia


The Vi Asia Vietnamese Coffee Traditional Roast Blend provides a much needed pick-me-up to your day, without having to travel to Southeast Asia. This blend is rounded out with the rich and intense flavours of Robusta, paired with the more subtle and nutty notes of Arabica. You can make this coffee by way of drip, pour over, cafetiere, stovetop or with a phin, a traditional Vietnamese coffee brewing tool, also available on the Vi Asia site.

Masala Chai | Chai Guys

Bring the soul-warming taste of Masala Chai into your own kitchen in the matter of minutes. These flavours from Darjeeling in India are collected by the Chai Guys before they grind them freshly and ship to your doorstep. Intimidated at the idea of making an authentic cup of chai? Well, they have you covered on that front too. Each order comes with a step-by-step video guide on how to brew and enjoy this fantastic product.

When life gets in the way of frequent travel, Amazon Pay brings you the best products from around the world, delivered to your home. Remember to use Amazon Pay at checkout for a fast and easy transaction, before sharing your international finds with your friends and family.