Pop-up Shop: Mother’s Day

Make her wish come true with these luxurious gifts from Hotel Chocolat.

Ever since the very first Mothering Sunday way back in the Middle Ages, kids across the U.K. have fretted about what to get for mum on the fourth Sunday of Lent. The annual quest to find a unique Mother’s Day gift is real. This year, in lieu of tried-and-true flowers, try mixing it up and treating her to something indulgent from Hotel Chocolat, the country’s most creative and original chocolatier.

Our pop-up shop is full of Hotel Chocolat delights mum will love, from barista-quality coffee makers to cacao-scented candles and cacao-based clay body masks. Not to mention decadent, award-winning chocolates, made from cacao grown on Hotel Chocolat’s Rabot Estate farm in Saint Lucia.

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Let her become her own barista

For cocoa lovers: The Velvetiser Hot Chocolate Maker

The Velvetiser uses Dualit engineering to produce the richest, smoothest cup of velvety hot chocolate in all the land. The stylish clean lines of The White Edition allow this particular hot chocolate maker to perform double duty as a chic design accessory that looks great in any kitchen. And a range of flavours like chocolate latte, vegan nut milk, and luscious vanilla white chocolate ensure she’ll never get bored.

For coffee lovers: The Podster Coffee System

With a sleek, matte-charcoal finish, Hotel Chocolat’s innovative Podster system lets her easily enjoy barista-quality coffee at home, any time. Compatible with Rabot Estate coffee pods as well as other widely available aluminium pods like Nespresso, the Podster is as simple to use as loading up and pressing play. She’ll get freshly brewed espresso in a blink. Just add hot water for an Americano or introduce steamed milk for a frothy cappuccino.

Recreate a spa day at home

Glow from neck to toe: Cacao and Kaolin Thermal Clay Body Mask

Turn mum’s bathroom into a tranquil oasis with this Cacao and Kaolin Thermal Clay Body Mask, which melts tension away as it gently self-heats. The clay helps draw out impurities in the skin for a cleansed and refreshed feeling, while its circulation-boosting properties promote a healthy glow. Perfect for the whole body, the rich cacao butter will nourish and soothe as the macadamia oil moisturises for all-over radiance.

Soothe the body and mind: Cacao & Vanilla Candle 220g

The gentle scent of cacao and vanilla will fill her home when she lights the cotton wick of this luxurious Hotel Chocolat candle, which offers deep, exquisite undertones of musk, cedar wood, and amber. The natural fragrance and essential oils provide subtle but long-lasting aromas that soothe and calm, with tenderly nurtured cacao from the Rabot Estate that seems to summon the tropical rainforests of Saint Lucia.

Have it all

Enjoy the classics and discover unique flavours: Happy Mother’s Day Sleekster

The 27 irresistible delights of the Mother’s Day Sleekster box are guaranteed to put a smile on her face, with a selection of traditional classics and outside-the-box flavours that are anything but obvious. With opulent options like Caramel Cheesecake, Carrot Cake, Billionaire’s Shortbread, sumptuous Fudge Sundae Selectors, and Kirsch-soaked Cherry Delight, there’s something for every nook and cranny of the palate. From fruit, like the creamy strawberry mousse and crisp meringue of Eton Mess, to nuts, like the honey-laced Florentine Isabelle, this is the Mother’s Day sweets selection she’s been waiting for.

Treat her to chocolate bliss: The Everything Chocolate Gift Hamper Collection

This deep collection of Hotel Chocolat’s most popular creations is a chocolate-lover’s dream. Complete with Billionaire Shortbread, filled with caramel, cookies, and hazelnuts, and a selection of chocolate Patisserie favourites, plus pink Strawberries and Cream Chocolate Puddles, to name just a few, the Everything Chocolate Gift Hamper is exactly everything you’d expect.

Make it a Mother’s Day she’ll remember. And don’t forget to check out with Amazon Pay for a seamless shopping experience that will have Hotel Chocolat to your door in a few easy clicks, with no forms to fill out.