We’re aware that a large portion of the world’s population is now spending a majority of time inside their homes. This excludes, of course, the essential workers who are putting their lives on the line for our benefit every day.

We recognise the importance of maintaining our mental and physical health, so we’ve compiled some items from Amazon Pay merchants to help improve your at-home routine.

Fitness equipment and home workouts from High Street TV

Out of necessity, our gym routines have been interrupted. To keep active while working and relaxing at home, investing in some new fitness gear may be in order. High Street TV offers compact multi-purpose items that can help you achieve a full-body workout in the comfort of your own living room.

Pool tables, table tennis, and more from Home Leisure Direct

Getting lost in a good game is a perfect way to make time fly. Want to liven up your home with something more exciting than Clue and gaming consoles? Peruse Home Leisure Direct’s pool and table tennis tables, pinball machines, and more. They offer great financing plans on their products and deliver with COVID-19 safety in mind.

Meals from Huel

If you’re looking for healthy meals that don’t require preparation, Huel is a perfect resource for drinks, power bars, supplements, and other pre-prepared items that give you the nutritional value of a full meal. All of Huel’s mail-order products also have a long shelf life, making them perfect additions to your pantry during months at home.

Gardening products from Primrose

You may not be able to venture past your own backyard, but at least you can keep that backyard beautiful. For your plant, lawn, and outdoor decor needs, visit Primrose’s online store. They will safely deliver anything you need to tend your garden, spruce up your patio, or just keep the plants in your window flourishing.

Cooking ingredients from Sous chef

Don’t default to grocery-store necessities; you can still cook adventurously while sheltering in place. Sous Chef is an excellent resource for mail-order gourmet ingredients that you can use to whip up dishes from all over the world. If you need to upgrade anything in your kitchen, they also stock high-end cookware and tableware.

Home decor and accessories at Liberty

If your reaction to socially distanced life is to putter around the house and contemplate improvements, Liberty London’s home collection is a good place to go to dream up new projects. There are plenty of treats here even if you just need a simple atmosphere adjustment like an attractive new candle, pot, or other desktop item.