A day in the life: The working-from-home parent

Find out what’s Possible with Pay as Isabella, a single parent working remotely, walks us through her day.

From working a 9-to-5 job from home to taking care of a small furry friend, life has never been busier, especially when you’re single-handedly parenting a teenager. In this blog post we’ll take a bird’s eye view at Isabella’s life, a fictitious mother-of-one, cat lover and crafting fan.

From morning showers to films on the sofa, we’ll find out more about how Amazon Pay – a speedy payment method that requires no sign-up and no new passwords – makes daily life easier.

About Isabella, the WFH parent

Age: 47

Preferences and habits
Priorities: Getting the best product and the best deal
Influences: Household/family, security/support, trust
Drivers: Reviews and recommendations, rewards programs
Barriers: An experience that doesn’t match her expectations, poor customer service, lack of information
Habits: Research and planner:

  • She likes to be in control of the household finances.
  • She researches extensively before purchasing.
  • She shares deals and finds with friends and family.


Isabella’s Monday – A diary entry

7:00am – Early bird

I have been working from home for the last two years, well before the pandemic hit, and I find it so efficient. I have my own workspace and an established routine, plus I don’t need to share my favourite snacks with co-workers! I like starting my day with a hot shower, but when I pick up my 6-year-old trusted hairdryer, I drop it on the floor and it comes apart – not a great start to the week. Given the circumstances, I decide to pull the trigger on a purchase I have been pondering over for a few months now, the Dyson Airwrap Styler. I researched extensively on the best styling tool for my hair type and now it seems the right time to finally buy it. I quickly jump on my laptop, go to Dyson’s website, add the product to my basket and pay using Amazon Pay. It takes me less than a minute to checkout , and I am ready to get on with my day.

8:30am – Rise and shine

My daughter Laura wakes up, she needs to get ready for her first (online) class of the day. The two of us have been living on our own since she was just five. We are a well-oiled machine and, despite the odd parent/teenager argument, we enjoy doing things our own way. She’ll turn 15 in two weeks, and I am planning her birthday celebrations. First things first: the card. I enjoy making cards, but I am running low on supplies. While she sips her first brew of the day, I open Craftstash and fill my basket with stickers, markers and all I need to create the perfect one. Since I have only a few seconds before she’ll check on me, I once again use Amazon Pay to pay quickly and securely.

9:00am – Start of the working day

I like to begin work at the same time each day, it gives me a sense of security and helps me manage my workload. I check my diary and realise I have an important video call with a prospect on Friday. My laptop camera stopped working a while ago, but since this meeting is so essential, my manager and I have agreed that I will buy a new one and expense it. I head to LaptopsDirect and choose a high-res device, then add it to my basket. I can’t remember when it was the last time I browsed on LaptopsDirect’s website and can’t locate my credentials. Luckily they offer Amazon Pay – I click on their button at checkout and login with my Amazon username and password, select the delivery date and I’m done. Now I can really start my day.

12:30am – Table for two

Laura pops into my home office saying she’s starving and, by the sound of my growling stomach, I am too. We have leftover pizza from last night and I am putting together a quick salad as a side. Lunch is ready! While eating, we discuss what she’d like to do for her birthday and she proposes a day out in the countryside just the two of us, for which she’d really need a new coat. I take a mental note of the not-so-subtle hint – I’ll go on an online hunt later today to find the perfect parka and surprise her.

1:00pm – Afternoon tasks

I head back to my desk to find a promotional email from AllSaints, which are running a sale on outerwear. I really need to rush back to work, my deadlines are approaching fast, but I can’t resist a deal. I pick a warm parka for Laura’s birthday, add it to my basket, and get a pleasant surprise when I realise I can checkout with Amazon Pay. No need to wait for the end of my working day, completing the purchase is so quick that I go ahead immediately. I close the browser, open my inbox and already find the confirmation email from Amazon Pay saying that the payment has gone through. So easy.

3:25pm – A cat’s life

At the beginning of this year we added a new member to the family: Mustard, an orange tabby cat. As all cats, he shows his whiskers only when he needs something… cuddles, food or going out. This time, he rubs his head on my leg as a sign of affection, reminding me we are running low on dry food. I only have five minutes before my next call starts, but I am sure that if I delay this until later, I will forget. The next weekly shop is scheduled for Saturday and that’s going to be too late. With no time to waste, I search an online store and land on AllPetSolutions. I have never shopped on their website before, but they offer Amazon Pay, which puts me at ease – I complete my purchase using Pay, knowing I’m covered by Amazon Pay’s A-to-z Guarantee if something goes wrong, and all my info is safe because I’m using the details already stored in my Amazon account.

5:45pm – Time to unwind

I am done for the day! “Alexa, ask Audible Stories for mystery”, I utter to Alexa when entering the living room. This skill gives you a surprise short story in a category of your choice from well-known authors. I love to listen to stories while I prepare dinner. Tonight we have pasta Bolognese on the menu, Laura’s favourite, accompanied by a short story narrated by Stephen Fry.

8:30pm – Conversation and cuddles

After dinner, Laura, Mustard and I sit on the sofa and pick a movie from the Amazon Prime Video catalogue. We go for a modern classic, “The notebook”. I grab the softest blanket, a pack of cookies from the cupboard and tissues – we’re going to need them!

If you’re like Isabella, or just want to learn more about Amazon Pay, come discover what’s Possible with Pay.

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