Day in the life: the panic shopperDay in the life: the panic shopper

Find out what’s Possible with Pay as Ashley, a fictional event planner, takes us through the busy days of holiday shopping.

Between her demanding job and holiday prep, the end of the year always feels like a race to the finish line for Astrid. This year it’s still a race, but the finish line is looking a little different. Astrid’s job has gone remote, but with planning virtual events, it’s just as demanding as ever. The perk is that now she works from home, which gives her more downtime with her two roommates, and also more time to make holiday plans throughout the day.

Here’s how Amazon Pay, a speedy payment method that requires no sign-up and no new passwords, can make it easier for Astrid to take care of all her holiday shopping and still feel like she has time to spare

About Ashley, the panic shopper

Age: 28

  • Priorities: Lifestyle, personal and others’ satisfaction
  • Influences: Trends, reviews, targeted emails and other promotions
  • Drivers: Good deals and discounts
  • Barriers: Cost of items, shipping options, and no brand loyalty

Ashley’s Diary — Thursday

7am: Waking up and working out

I wasn’t always a morning person, but ever since my roommates and I started working out together, I feel like there’s something to look forward to. I put on my new pair of animal print leggings from Mint Velvet, which I recently bought after I saw my roommate wearing them… I just had to have them for myself. They just mold to my body in such a comfortable way that I instantly feel like my workout is going to be better.

By the time I’m out in the living room, our three yoga mats are already on the floor next to each other. Nat asks Alexa to play one of our collaborative Spotify playlists while he hands me a capsule of magnesium we order online from BuyWholeFoodsDirect, which we’ve all come to love. I buy it for the whole household using Amazon Pay, and it feels like nothing has ever been easier.

After our HIIT Workout, Nat takes a shower while Charlotte and I hang out in the kitchen on our phones, scrolling through TikTok, and waiting for our turn to use the bathroom. We start talking about how with all of the restrictions on travel this year, it doesn’t make sense for Lottie to go home for the holidays. Lottie is my best friend, and I’m excited by the idea that we get to spend the holidays together. But it also makes me really nervous because I suddenly realise that I really need to get going on my holiday shopping.

9:30am: Working remotely

The day hasn’t technically started, but I’m sitting at my computer with my coffee all dressed for the day anyway, trying to figure out what’s on my to-do list while I idly go through my emails to see if there are any new promotions I want to take advantage of. I check in with my team as they show up on Slack, we’re really a tight-knit group because we work in such high-pressured situations. This year, because we’re remote, we’ve decided to do a Secret Santa gift exchange with everyone sending someone else a present. Not going to lie, I was pretty excited about this until I drew the super quiet guy who almost never divulges personal information and seems kind of serious. A tough person to get a gift for, don’t you think? Luckily, I saw in our last Zoom meeting that he has a dog, so I think I’m going to get him something for his pet.

12pm: Taking a lunch break

Sometimes, we all take a break to have a quick lunch as a house; other times, we do our own thing. Today, the three of us are in the kitchen, but we’re kind of all looking at our phones, occasionally sharing what it is that we’re finding. While I’m eating, I’m scrolling through Instagram, I see that Horze also stock pet toys, like this toy alpaca that would be perfect for the office Secret Santa. Without any hesitation, I buy them right from my phone, and because I’m using Amazon Pay, I can easily find his address that I have stored in my Amazon address book. I feel a little accomplished for how well that went.

After that, I decide to check my email to see if they’ve sent me an order confirmation and I notice that QUIZ is having a sale, so I head over to their website. I’m scrolling through their styles, but I don’t seem to have an instinct about what I should get. My preference has always been for midi dresses. I ask Lottie and Nat for advice. Almost without hesitation they’re like, “Animal prints are in” – so, I shrug and think, ok then, animal print it is. I’m just happy that I’m getting it on sale. I order them in just a few clicks, using Amazon Pay, again—oh, and there’s the Horze order confirmation!

1:30pm: Working, interrupted

One of the things that’s nice about Zoom meetings is that when things are happening that don’t concern me, I can keep scrolling through my open tabs, getting a sense of what’s out there. What I’m going to get Lottie for the holidays has been lingering in the back of mind all day and it’s making me totally anxious. I want to get her something special and unique, but that doesn’t feel too serious. Something that will actually feel like it was picked for her personality.

I temporarily snap out of my stressful back-to-back meetings when Alexa lights up with a yellow ring, letting me know that a package I ordered is being delivered. Yes! But I wonder, which thing did I buy recently that would be arriving? I’ve been kind of spontaneously splurging lately as the holiday season gets nearer. I reach the door and I realise it’s my brand-new hardshell iPhone case from MusicMagpie. Listen, I know that the most adventurous thing I do in my life right now is to walk around in the rain, but I saw a girl on Instagram praising it and I had to get it.

But that makes me wonder where all of my other packages have gotten to, so when I go to sit back at my desk, I ask, “Alexa, where’s my stuff?” I just really like knowing where everything is.

5pm: Finding the perfect gift

Instagram comes through again! I’m following this girl I went to college with who’s kind of an influencer now, and she snapped a photo a few hours ago of her with a really cute necklace from Astrid and Miyu with a dainty moon pendant. It’s called their Mystic Moon Necklace. It’s exactly the kind of thing that Lottie will like, because even though she’s all about the practical side of things, she also likes to take a relaxed approach. I click through Instagram and buy it on the spot, thanking my lucky stars that I’ve found it with enough time left in the month to be delivered. The rest of the workday goes by in no time.

7pm: Ending the day

I go to the fridge to see if there’s anything that we can make for dinner, we’re a little low on groceries. All we have left pretty much is eggs. “Alexa, add spinach,” I say, adding to my grocery list. At this point, I don’t want to know how long it is. Lottie and I decide to order takeout. Nat is going on a socially distanced date with some boy he met on an app, so we get to have a girl’s night in. I live for these moments of spontaneity. The second Nat leaves we’re like, what do we get him for the holidays? We curl up on the couch to watch an episode or two of a TV show that we like, and while we do that we scroll through our phones, bouncing ideas off each other.

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