Give your shoppers more of what they want with Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay is more than just a button to add to your site: It’s a checkout solution that increases shopper engagement, brand visibility and security.

The customer journey is evolving: The ease of digital commerce means that customers have high expectations from their online experiences, and it’s up to merchants to figure out how to deliver on those expectations.

When you add the Amazon Pay button to your site, you’re bringing the fast, secure and familiar Amazon.co.uk payment experience to hundreds of millions of Amazon customers worldwide, allowing them to shop their way, every day. But Amazon Pay is so much more than just a checkout button. Find out how Amazon Pay is a checkout service that increases shopper engagement, brand visibility and security.

Gain peace of mind and security


These days, peace of mind goes a long way with your shoppers. When your business offers Amazon Pay, you’re giving your customers the same Amazon-backed protections that they rely on when they shop on Amazon.co.uk. Amazon Pay also provides businesses with advanced fraud detection, chargeback controls and risk management processes at no extra cost — all of which help to reduce bad debt, lower operating costs and avoid risks to your and your customer’s data.

Grow with the latest innovations in digital commerce


When you launch Amazon Pay, you also get access to the latest innovations in checkout technology — including additional features and products to help you stay ahead of your customers’ needs. What’s more, it’s easy to enable shopping with Alexa*, so that your shoppers can use voice wherever and whenever they want to across the purchase journey — from product discovery, to checkout, to receiving delivery notifications.

Help shoppers manage their payment methods


Amazon Pay is also where hundreds of millions of Amazon customers worldwide manage their payment methods on Amazon.co.uk. Adding Amazon Pay to your site means including a familiar, trusted name that Amazon customers can easily recognise as the place to select their preferred payment methods.

Increase your brand visibility and global reach


Amazon Pay lets you benefit from Amazon’s trust halo and activate the hundreds of millions of Amazon customers across the globe, offering them a seamless and familiar shopping experience on your site. What’s more, with Amazon Pay, you can benefit from personalised co-marketing initiatives to increase your brand reach and lead new shoppers directly to your site.

Give your shoppers more of what they want with Amazon Pay.

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*Availability may vary based on Alexa Skills integration.