How fast is Amazon Pay?

The perks of using Amazon’s digital payment method help business owners just as much as consumers.

Originally published on July 2, 2020.

Multichannel online shopping experiences are becoming the norm with more consumers starting the experience through one channel or devices and finishing through another. That’s why offering a trusted and streamlined payment solution can be a huge benefit for consumers who want to find whenever, whoever they need it. Amazon Pay is a digital payment service that not only speeds up transactions at your company’s online store—it instils trust in customers through its trusted and familiar brand association.

Being an Amazon Pay merchant means that customers can use the information stored in their Amazon account to make purchases from your company’s web store, rather than using the native checkout. This reduces friction by allowing consumer to avoid creating a new customer account, re-entering credit card information, and typing their billing and shipping addresses. Sometimes they may not even have to login, because Amazon Pay automatically recognises if they have an active Amazon login.

Many companies who had implemented Amazon Pay have attested to the time it saves their customers. For example, UK fashion brand AllSaints reduced checkout time by 70 seconds. Eyewear innovators Felix Gray found Amazon Pay to be 70% faster than their native checkout; The Washington Post experienced a 65% faster checkout; and Shinola saw a 40% difference. Authentic Watches improved their checkout from five clicks to two with Amazon Pay, resulting in a 60% decrease in steps to checkout.

“Amazon Pay speaks well to mobile users because it reduces the number of form fields but at the same time also has the trust of Amazon behind it. Amazon is a company where consumers’ payment information has been stored for a long time. They trust where it is and they see no risk.” - Kate MacCabe, Director, Product Management, Rothy’s

Minimising customer clicks is equally beneficial for merchants. Offering millions of Amazon customers a way to speed through checkout can help increase conversions, reduce cart abandonment, and lure shoppers back to your store in the future. Also, when it comes to their decision to buy from your company, the ability to use a familiar and trusted payment system can instil confidence in shoppers. Amazon Pay provides a checkout experience that is both fast and secure, an unbeatable combination.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to reap the benefits of Amazon Pay, a fast and secure service that is optimised for the advanced ecommerce shopper of today.