Possible with Pay: Innovative finds for a seamless transition into spring

Spring forward into the new season with the best new products in home, health, and design

Spring cleaning gets a bad rap. But don’t think of your annual purge as an endless list of errands to be done, so much as the opportunity to refresh everything in your life, from home wares to workout clothes. Along with the joy of more daylight hours and warmer weather, this spring is a chance to discover innovative beauty and personal-care solutions, colourful spring wardrobe items, and new pantry staples.

We’ve rounded up some of the best ways you can recapture the excitement of springing forward, through a selection of some of our favourite products from some remarkable merchants. And when you’re ready to check out, try using Amazon Pay for a fast, simple, and secure way to pay.

Magnolia Wreath from Alice Cunliffe Design

A perfect spring addition to your domestic decor, Norfolk-based designer Alice Cunliffe’s magnolia wreath watercolours can be personalised with a special name, date, or quote, and can also be ordered in a tasteful wood frame for easy mounting. These hand-painted giclée prints are also perfect gifts for engagements, new arrivals, and weddings.

Butterfly Garden with Live Caterpillars from Insect Lore

Few creatures embody the spirit of spring and summer better than a butterfly. With this set from Insect Lore, any amateur lepidopterist (that’s a person who studies butterflies) can help caterpillars transform into soaring, magnificently patterned beauties.

Donna May London Makeup Bag from Gorgeous Shop

Keep your spring cosmetics favourites in good order with a vibrant and practical new storage solution. Pick up this flat makeup bag from Donna May London — flashy and fun in red leopard print. Its shape adapts easily to storage and it comes with a drawstring bag to house any additional accessories you want to keep near your makeup arsenal.

Barisieur Tea & Coffee Alarm Clock from Joy Resolve

Bring a bit of futurism into your spring renewal. Make this automatic tea and coffee brewer your new personal barista. Just set the time you’ll be in need of a hot morning drink, and the Barisieur has you covered, with its own milk fridge, wooden serving tray, and shut-down capabilities to boot.

Love Rainbow Poster Print from Lime Lace

Lime Lace’s pink rainbow poster will provide a burst of joy and ’70s chic in any corner of your home or office. The brainchild of cheeky master design duo Nanas of Anarchy, the image is meant to symbolise togetherness, helping us imagine better times to come as we emerge from isolation.

260c Cordless Air Circulator from Meaco

Avoid resorting to aircon while still bringing a refreshing breeze to your home with this cost-effective, efficient, and high-powered cordless fan from Meaco. The device can charge easily via USB and lasts for a full 14 hours, with four-speed functionality and quick cooling in temperatures up to 40° C.

Lacoste Eau de Toilette Men’s Aftershave Spray from Perfume Direct

One of Lacoste’s newest male fragrances, Match Point is inspired by the brand’s historic association with the game of tennis and designed to motivate both amateur and professional athletes or outdoor enthusiasts into action. The scent is suitably refreshing, but with a woody, elegant intensity, thanks to top notes of basil and pink pepper.

Blush Pink Cami Pyjama Set from Piglet

Make sure you are sleeping better and more comfortably as the temperature rises. For adorable and comfortable PJs of the highest order, try this new blush cami set from the sleepwear and bedding wizards at Piglet. Handmade with signature 100% natural linen, the set can be monogrammed and features a comfortable elastic waistband, plus it doesn’t require an iron to feel and look great.

Brushed Cotton Robe from Thom Sweeney

It’s impossible to overrate the importance of feeling like the best version of yourself, even while lounging around the house. Add a dignified house robe to your collection — specifically, this year-round favourite from Thom Sweeney, made in Italy from soft brushed cotton and featuring elegant white piping around the collar, cuffs, and pockets.

Skincare Box from Face the Future

Looking to find new beauty routines and go-to products to keep your skin looking shiny and vital this spring? The Face the Future Skincare Box is an exciting way to sample from high-quality brands at budget prices. The lovingly curated and designed box comes with nine of the skincare experts’ favourite top-of-the-line products in trial and travel sizes.