Possible with Pay: Ways to treat yourself this holiday season

This December, leave some room to get yourself a little something special

The Possible with Pay gift guide compiles a series of handpicked recommendations for this holiday season, all available from merchants that use Amazon Pay. The items range from the practical to the decadent to the silly, and they’re all at the ready for quick and secure purchase via Amazon Pay.

Done with your planned holiday shopping list and looking to brighten your own life a bit before the descent into winter? This time, we’ve got a spread of items that are perfect for a nice splurge for yourself during the autumn months, including some fun little accessories and new conveniences that will help streamline your hectic life. Check out the list of offerings below.

Evil Eye Protection Necklace from Wolf & Gypsy Limited

Brighton-based vintage store Wolf and Gypsy Limited maintains ethical and environmental-friendly practices while assembling their bold jewellery designs. Their Evil Eye Protection Necklace is designed to keep the wearer safe from harm, featuring a hand-drawn eye with a white topaz iris and white topaz studs that radiate dazzling rays of light.

Geneo Personal Kit from TriPollar

You don’t need to venture out of the house if you’re craving a professional-level facial. Geneo Personal is a premium beauty device for skin renewal, providing an oxygen-based facial treatment that can be self-applied at home. This sleek, premium device exfoliates the upper layer of the skin to help keep the complexion bright, youthful, and glowing.

Marine Scarf from Belstaff

Belstaff has been a fashion fixture since the 1920s. Its catalogue of distinguished clothing and accessories with a classic look, like this wool and cashmere scarf, has earned the brand a formidable reputation. This scarf will instantly add character to anyone’s winter wardrobe, and pairs perfectly with their Marine Hat and Gloves to take the look to the next level.

TaylorMade Select Plus Cart Bag from American Golf

For committed putters determined to get out on the green and release some pent-up energy, gifting a bag that’s easy to lug around makes for an extra freeing experience. American Golf’s fantastic, extra-light golf bag boasts a comfy padded shoulder strap and a weather-resistant rain hood. Its seven strategically placed pockets include convenient pockets for valuables and much more.

Puffa Jacket from Lyle & Scott

Everyone deserves a jacket that makes you look good even while battling snow and dire temperatures. Every facet of Lyle & Scott’s stylish Puffa Jacket is built for warmth and protection: there’s thick wadding throughout, an insulated funnel neck and hood, elasticated cuffs, and hem and slip pockets for optimum protection.

Check out everything you need to make the holiday season merry and bright right here.