At Amazon Pay, our team aims to achieve more than marketing a digital payment platform. Our mission is also to use Amazon’s research and technological know-how to help businesses thrive online. 

One of the ways Amazon Pay is supporting online brands is our monthly Paytalks webinars. The series covers important subjects in the world of digital commerce. Lasting 20 minutes or less, each installment centers on one topic broken down into 10 questions, points, or ideas. In all of the webinars, an Amazon Pay representative also offers actionable insights that companies can implement to grow their ecommerce business.

These Paytalks webinars are easily accessible through a new on-demand service, which allows anyone to play the recording of the webinar they’re most interested in. We recently added a brand-new webinars available at your leisure: May's in-depth exploration of “Top reasons businesses choose a payment service.”  

Access more webinars here to learn important new tips for your business.

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1Source: Survey conducted by Amazon Pay in 2018 among 2251 Amazon customers in the United States, United Kingdom, and Germany. Results in this article are from a trade-off exercise that tested 35 benefits. The context of the trade-off exercise was: “In this section, you will see a list of benefits that might be important to you in choosing a digital payment service (such as Amazon Pay) over traditional payment services (such as Credit cards, Debit cards, Checks, Bank accounts etc.). On the next few screens, we will ask you to follow a series of steps to rate the importance of these benefits.”