Success Story: BigClothing4U

Learn how the U.K. clothing retailer saw remarkable business results after integrating Amazon Pay Checkout v2

The U.K. retailer BigClothing4U offers customers just what their name suggests: clothing for big and tall men that not only fits well, but also looks stylish. Founded by Ben Pearson after years of failing to find clothes that suited him from high street retailers, BigClothing4U strives to create a more inclusive environment for men of all sizes in the male fashion industry. BigClothing4U is committed to serving their customers through convenience, customer service, and quality. So when the opportunity arose to update their checkout experience to Amazon Pay Checkout v2, they leapt at the chance.

Here’s what BigClothing4U had to say about their experience, as well as the incredible results they saw:

Making the move to Checkout v2

“The integration was seamless. We suspected like many integrations to have lots of troubleshooting and issues from start to finish. But this integration was so smooth, paying a big thanks to the account management team and technical team at Amazon! Amazon worked with our website developers, and within a matter of weeks rolled out the new version. Couldn’t ask for a better service. We would recommend the update.” - Ben Pearson, Managing Director at BigClothing4U

Increase in sales conversion

“Conversion rate improved by 63% when we migrated from Amazon Pay CV1 to CV2. Now that we have updated to CV2 the results are starting to exceed performance of other payment methods. We look forward to continuing to grow our business with Amazon.”[1] - Ben Pearson, Managing Director at BigClothing4U

Increase in sales

CV2 had led to an 83% increase in monthly revenue via Amazon Pay. Amazon Pay’s CV2 is now our best performing payment provider on our site.<sup>[1] </sup>
Ben Pearson, Managing Director at BigClothing4U

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[1] The figures are specific to Big Clothing4U and are not representative of results all merchants will see. Figures were verified by Amazon