Pay the way you want
Buy what you need now, pay by the 15th of next month
Monthly Invoice allows you to buy what you want now and pay in a single invoice within the first 14 days of the following month.
Freedom to pay after you’ve received your order
When you check out, you can choose Monthly Invoice to pay for your purchase — and any other purchases you make on Amazon and select websites accepting Amazon Pay. Instead of saving or entering your debit or credit card information at checkout, you’ll receive a consolidated invoice to be paid by direct deposit or bank transfer within the first 14 days of the following month.
The benefits of Monthly Invoice
Monthly Invoice allows you to make purchases when you want them, without having to postpone your purchases or pay for them immediately with your credit or debit card. Instead, you can pay the following month if that suits your cash flow best — and with a payment method of your choice.

With the best in tech, fashion, home decor, beauty, health, and a whole lot more on offer from Amazon Pay merchants, that means your wish list just got a lot more realistic.
Only pay for what you love
With Monthly Invoice, you don’t have to wait to purchase something you want. Shop as much as you want — and return what you don’t love, too.
A private and secure way to shop
Don’t worry about security and privacy when shopping on Amazon or third-party merchants with Amazon Pay. When you select Monthly Invoice as a payment method, you skip the debit or credit card and pay with a consolidated invoice for all the items purchased on Amazon and with Amazon Pay.

Monthly Invoice is a convenient and secure payment method, giving you control of your cash flow, privacy, and banking information.
How do I use Monthly Invoice?
01: Add Monthly Invoice as a payment method
In your Amazon account, click on your Payments page. Then click on add payment method and select Monthly Invoice.
02: Add your details
Enter your full name and billing address (and date of birth or personal identification if additionally required in your country.)
03: Shop
Order as many times as you want within a month at Amazon and third-party websites offering Monthly Invoice with Amazon Pay.
04: Pay the invoice
Pay your invoice by direct debit or a bank transfer within the first 14 days of the following month.
Frequently asked questions

Can I use Monthly Invoice with Amazon Pay?

Monthly Invoice is available to eligible Amazon Pay customers with a valid billing address in Germany, Austria, or Finland.

Customers can use Monthly Invoice as a payment method on select third-party merchant websites selling physical goods and accepting Amazon Pay, as determined by Amazon.

How do I add Monthly Invoice as a payment method when using Amazon Pay?

You can add Monthly Invoice as a payment option either by visiting Payment Options in Your Account or by selecting Monthly Invoice as a payment method during checkout.

Am I eligible to use Monthly Invoice?

Eligibility for Monthly Invoice is evaluated on a per-order basis and is subject to a satisfactory credit check and fraud screening. If we can’t validate your personal information, if you have a past-due balance for an invoice, or if we’ve determined that you’re not eligible for Monthly Invoice, it won’t be offered during checkout.

How do I pay my invoice?

At the beginning of each month, you will receive an email notification or text message that your monthly invoice has closed. Payment will then be due within 14 calendar days via a bank transfer or by SEPA Direct Debit in your local currency. The exact details will be specified on your invoice.

Can I pay for an item before the due date?

If you want, you can pay for a purchase or partially pay your invoice at any time before your monthly invoice is due. Any paid amount will be deducted from the amount outstanding on your current invoice. Then, pay the remaining balance as specified in your invoice. If the monthly statement was rejected after you placed your order, we will send you a notification by e-mail to change the payment method of your order.

Where can I check my monthly invoice?

At any time, you can visit the My Invoices page to see all your monthly invoices, orders added to the invoice, payment status (open, overdue, partially paid, or paid), payment due date, payment instructions, and invoice amount.

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