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Closing your Amazon Payments merchant account

We are sorry to hear that you’d like to close your Amazon Payments merchant account. If you consider using Amazon Pay again at a later date, we’d suggest that you do not close your account.

Amazon Pay is a pay transaction-based service with no ongoing fees to keep your account open. If you have any ongoing issues with unknown monthly charges, transactions, chargebacks claims, Amazon Pay A-to-z guarantee claims, and others, contact Amazon Pay merchant support.

Why not delete my account? These are the key benefits of Amazon Pay:

  • Inspire confidence – With Amazon Pay you offer the hundreds of millions of Amazon customers globally a fast and familiar payment solution.
  • Eliminate checkout barriers – Your customers can make payments using the information stored in their Amazon account and avoid having to create a new account or enter credit card information.

Before closing your Amazon Payments merchant account, make sure you:

  • disable Amazon Pay as a payment option
  • remove all Amazon Pay buttons and logos from your website
  • resolve any outstanding performance notifications
  • submit all outstanding refunds to your customers
  • resolve all open Amazon Pay A-to-z Guarantee claims
  • resolve all open Amazon Pay chargeback claims
  • download all necessary reports you might need from Seller Central
  • haven’t received any transactions within the last 90 days
  • have an account balance of GBP 0.00

If you close your Amazon Payments merchant account, note that:

  • after your account has been closed, you will not have access to it anymore and you might not have access to any information it contained such as tax documents, reports, and others.
  • you will not be able to issue refunds on previous Amazon Pay transactions.
  • closure of your Amazon Payments merchant account is final and cannot be undone.

If you still want to close your Amazon Payments merchant account, sign in with your Amazon Payments merchants account to Seller Central and follow the instructions to close your account.

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