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Register to get the Amazon Pay button on your site or app.

Note Buyers don’t need to register. During checkout, they use their existing Amazon account credentials.

Preparing for business verification

Proof of identity requirements vary by geography and other factors.

For individual identity, a passport or national ID, or driver license (depending on the country) document is required.

For business identity, a proof of current business registration document is required. Depending on your type of business (entity), you can be asked for: business license, statutes, articles of incorporation, share allotments, or equivalent. If the primary contact who registers the business is not a legal representative of the company, we require a Letter of Authorization. For charities, non-profit organizations, and some other business types where there can be one or more beneficial owners, the beneficial owners of the business (trustees and/or members of the board) need to be provided. 

For bank account verification, if the account is in the name of your business, the bank account name on the document must be the name of your business. However, if the account is a sole proprietor account, the bank account name on the document must be in the sole proprietor’s name.

Uploading valid, clearly-visible information will help verification happen smoothly, so you can receive payments as fast as possible. Wrong or incomplete information can delay your information verification, and delay your ability to receive payments from Amazon Pay. For more information, see Tips to upload documents and get verified.

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