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Amazon Pay on your BigCommerce store

To start offering Amazon Pay as a checkout method on your BigCommerce store, follow these steps:

Connect your Amazon Pay account with your BigCommerce store

  1. Go to the Amazon Pay Settings page in your BigCommerce Control Panel.
  2. Click Connect with Amazon Pay.
  3. On the Create account page, follow the instructions to complete the process of connecting your store with Amazon Pay.
  4. On the final page of the Connect with Amazon Pay process, click Transfer Credentials to BigCommerce.

You can find more help at Connecting with Amazon Pay on the BigCommerce website.

More help

If you have any questions about the Amazon Pay registration steps above, contact Amazon Pay Merchant Support.

For information about transactions, refunds, troubleshooting, or other common issues, see the Common Questions section of the Connecting with Amazon Pay documentation on the BigCommerce website.